6 Kitchen Trends of 2022

Colorful Cabinetry

Earthy green tones are trending in kitchen cabinets this year. At least six different companies have chosen a shade of green as their “Color of the Year”. Green is an incredibly versatile color, and depending on the shade you choose, can easily be incorporated with any light or dark tones throughout your kitchen. Imagine it paired with white quartz countertops or copper accents and hardware. A beautiful mix of natural elements.

Open Shelves

A warm and welcoming look. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, cabinets can take up a lot of room. Putting in open shelving instead can make the room feel wider while still maintaining a cozy vibe. If you’re remodeling on a limited budget, wall-mounted shelving is a cost-effective way to change up the look of your kitchen.

Open shelf cabinets

Banquette Seating

Built-in banquettes are making a big comeback. With all the time spent at home, a lot of homeowners are looking for a more comfortable space to enjoy company and conversations. Being able to tuck the seating area against a wall allows functionality to smaller spaces, while also proving hidden storage underneath. This style of seating is relaxed and cozy and tends to be the “heart” of the home.

Vertical Tile

Kitchen backsplashes are a way to add fun detail, design or a pop of color to your space. The subway tile brick layout has dominated the backsplash category over the years and vertical tile is a fun new trend hitting the design board. Colorful, tumbled edges and crackled glazes give this vertical style a more relaxed and artisan feel. Bringing more texture and character to your kitchen.

Warm Tones & Natural Woods

Bohemian style has become more popular than ever. Teak, bamboo and unfinished wood have become staples in kitchen remodels everywhere. These more natural finishes offer a warm and inviting feel to your space without being stale and add a hint of mid-century, modern appeal.

Warm wood cabinets

Double Islands

Kitchen islands tend to be multipurpose. With a lot of people working from home now, the island tends to be a place of meal prep and desk space. Double islands give people separate places to both enjoy a meal and meet a deadline or complete a homework assignment.

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