Cabinets 101

Cabinets 101


This style of cabinets is all about “less is more” and clean lines with an uncomplicated, practical design. A modern look that maximizes space and provides exceptional storage. The look of this style is best described as simple and elegant with flush cabinets and door lines. Full overlay doors are attached directly to a sturdy, thick cabinet box, eliminating the need for frames. These cabinets are easy to clean, more durable, and require little maintenance. They are made with high-pressure laminates and do a good job at concealing scratches and dents.


This style features wood cabinets with or without glass doors and is often characterized as classic and give a warm, luxurious vibe. Cabinets in a traditional kitchen can involve a variety of muted colors and many different patterns and textures, like raised or recessed panels making their appearance ornate, rich and decorative. Raised panel cabinet door features work well with wood grains because they highlight the inherent beauty of the wood.

cabinets 101


Picture a timeless, sleek and more angular design that have little ornamentation that are functional and streamlined. Two types of doors are typically used for contemporary cabinets – shaker and flat-front. Shaker cabinets have five pieces of flat panels that create a frame and type of wood used is maple, hickory or oak. If you’re looking for a more minimalist look, the flat-front doors are solid without framing and are made from a single piece of wood that is either painted or covered with wood veneer. Flat panel cabinets are currently trending in the kitchen design world.


Like it sounds, this option allows for customization and added detail. This style of cabinets are manufactured with standard sizes, styles and finishes but gives you the ability to alter dimensions such as cabinet depth. Semi-custom cabinet lines offer a wide variety of popular door styles and finishes with flexible sizes and modifications. You have the ability you to incorporate accessories and inserts such as cutlery trays, pullouts, organizational tools and spice racks. Customization is appealing to homeowners because it results in increased functionality and efficiency of your space.

cabinet installation 101


Uniquely designed to fit your space design specifications. You have the ability to choose measurements, design, color, etc. This option is on the more expensive side because they are measured and made to meet your exact style and needs.

Soft-Close Feature

This is an awesome feature for any style of cabinets! Soft-close cabinets use a special type of hinge system that slows the cabinet door as it’s closed. Doors with this specific hinge will never slam shut. This feature is also available for drawer slides too.

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