Add A Luxurious Steam Shower To Your Bathroom in Broomfield, CO

There are always new trends for homes, and one of the latest additions for bathroom renovations is to add a steam shower. These are an ideal addition to any Broomfield, CO, home, providing a soothing, warming, and environmentally friendly option to a traditional shower.

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What is a Steam Shower System?

A steam shower may also be called a sauna shower, since it is designed to generate a large volume of steam. The steam replaces the running water in the shower with a twenty to thirty-minute steam shower using only about two gallons of water.

A steam sauna shower system has a steam generator that produces continuous steam. This is controlled by a digital control system, adding cold water to the generator reservoir and heating it to the boiling point for the desired amount of steam. Some systems even offer remote control to allow you to heat up the steam before you arrive.

Steam Shower Installation Considerations

A steam shower is typically a walk-in shower, and the system can often be added to an existing traditional shower. These systems can have multiple steam heads or a combination of water and steam heads to create a true spa experience.

As with any renovation, hiring experienced steam shower contractors for the installation process is always the best option. Due to the volume of steam generated from these shower systems, correct venting and exhaust fans in the bathroom are essential.

To find out more about steam shower installation in your Broomfield, CO, home, call the experts at Northbuilt Construction. Reach out to us today at 303-720-6610 for more information.

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