6 Must Have Bathroom Features

Soaking Tub and Sink

1. Heated Tile Floor

If you’ve ever wondered, “Do heated floors use a lot of electricity?” The answer is less than you would think. In smaller bathrooms, a radiant heating system uses about the same amount of energy as a freezer. To ensure energy efficiency, using a thermostat instead of a simple switch as the control is the recommended route as a thermostat maintains comfort and prevents a floor/room from overheating and running when unnecessary. If this is on your remodel wish list, we say- go for it! There are several floor types to choose from when selecting: tile & stone, engineered & solid wood, laminate, vinyl, or concrete slab. Plenty of options to fit your style and needs.

 2. Bidet

Bidets can really enhance your bathroom experience. Here are some benefits to consider when looking into this feature: 

-More hygienic than toilet paper

-Potentially limit your germ spread

-Better for the environment 

3. Shower Niche

Say goodbye to shampoo bottles on the floor and bars of soap on the side of the tub – say hello to a sleek and clutter free customizable shower niche! Depending on the size of the shower area, you can tailor your shower niche to fit your space. You could also make them as big as you’d like, connecting adjacent walls and adding fun designs using contrasting tile. Creativity can really shine through shower niche designs. 

6 Must Have Bathroom Features

 4. Wall Mounted Sink Fixtures

A modern feature in bathroom remodels are wall mounted sink fixtures. As you would think, these faucets mount to the wall behind the sink appearing as though they’re floating over the sink. Not only are these fixtures aesthetically cleaner, but they are also physically cleaner and avoid the hard water build-up that often develops at the base of deck-mounted sinks. If you’re working with a smaller bathroom size, a wall mounted sink will give you more counterspace to utilize.  

5. Double Vanity

The key to maintaining peace among couples and eliminating sibling morning meltdowns. Everyone enjoys their own space, especially when it comes to early mornings and hectic schedules. A double vanity has the potential to lessen countertop clutter by providing more storage space below; allowing each sink occupant to individualize their space.

6. Soaking Tub

Elevate your bathtub relaxation time by removing your built-in shower/tub and instead step into a modern and elegant freestanding soaking tub. These tubs are installed away from a wall and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes; adding a focal point to a bathroom and creating an air of elegance no matter what style you choose. Contemporary freestanding tubs are called soaking tubs due to their increase in depth. Ultimately, providing a luxurious spa experience in your very own home.

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